Online Casino in Slovenia: Regulated or No-License?

With 2022 being right around the corner we can all see for ourselves how much have people gotten used to online forms of entertainment, especially during the last couple of years where the global pandemic has made it much harder for everyone to go out and do the things they did before. Online casinos are a big part of that new wave of online entertainment as all one has to do is to open an account and fund it in order to play some games and potentially win big and the best thing is – all of that can be done in 5 minutes or even less. People in Slovenia are no exception to this and most of them are deciding to use online casinos which aren’t licensed locally and are foreign licensed and operated. These foreign online casinos all have their advantages and reasons for players to choose them over the domestic ones so I will try to point out some of those reasons in this article.


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Easy Account Creation

Not only that registering on these foreign online casinos takes no more than 5 minutes of players time, some even seconds as all their user has to do is connect one of their socials, but getting your account fully verified might take only a day or two after the person sends their documents to be verified. With how easy it is, it’s no wonder Slovenian casino players are deciding to register with these online casinos which have an international license rather than having to do the same process with a local online casino where the verification process might be much longer and more frustrating.

On top of this, all these online casinos with international licenses have customer support in multiple languages so even players from smaller countries like Slovenia can find customer support in their own language on some of those casinos or in a worst-case scenario speak with the support team in one of the global languages such as English, German, Spanish, French and many others.

No Slovenian License Doesn’t Mean No License at All

Some people are sceptical when they see an online casino which doesn’t have a license from their national regulatory body but that is something which has no impact in this day and age where almost every casino has an international license from Malta or Curaçao. These are probably the most well-known licenses in the gambling industry and the local gambling authorities take good care of both players and casinos so both sides can be satisfied and secure while doing busines under the laws of Malta or Curaçao. Slovenian players shouldn’t worry too much about casinos licensed outside Slovenia and most of the long-time players never had any issues with any of these casinos or had their issues quickly resolved after contacting the regulatory bodies which oversee these online casinos.

The biggest online casinos and bookmakers go for these international licenses because they are acknowledged all over the World and it’s a much simpler process to get one of them rather than applying for licenses in every country where an online casino operates. 

Better Casino Bonus Offers & Free Spins

Big casino bonuses for both signing up and depositing, as well as multiple ongoing bonuses and promotions are also a major reasons why Slovenian players prefer online casinos with foreign licenses over the ones which have a domestic license. Even though the locally licensed casinos also have bonuses they are much smaller and also have wagering requirements which are bigger and that makes it harder to actually get any profits from them in the end. A lot of these internationally licensed online casinos also offer free spins for their regulars from time to time as a sign of appreciation and that too is a reason why they are so loved by the players from Slovenia.

Bigger Casino Limits

Having low deposit and especially withdrawal limits can be a big problem for players when they are trying to find a good online casino and Slovenian residing players are choosing foreign casinos over the local ones for this very reason. When you have no deposit and withdrawal limits or have them set at 3BTC that shows how serious an online casino is, especially in the situations when you win a bigger sum and can immediately withdraw to your bank, crypto wallet or e-wallet and actually enjoy the money you won. On the other hand, waiting for days to have your complete winnings paid out can be the most frustrating thing in the World for an online casino player.

The limits of multiple BTC or no limits at all are definitively something all online casinos should strive for and I am not surprised that so many players from Slovenia go with the easier option and decide to put their money into online casinos with a foreign license for this very reason.

More Payment Options, including Bitcoin & Cryptocurrencies

Another important factor when choosing an online casino in Slovenia to play with is the number of options to deposit your money or withdraw your winnings. Certain online casinos licensed in Slovenia have just a handful of options while their internationally licensed counterparts have dozens of options on cryptocurrency alone. On top of the huge number of different cryptocurrencies, these online casinos usually offer a double-digit number of e-wallet options as well as your typical bank transfers as well as debit cards and credit cards of all major card companies.

This gives Slovenian players a lot of flexibility and anonymity, especially for cryptocurrency users and I am sure that everyone will go with an equally safe but faster option which also allows you to stay anonymous when it comes to depositing and withdrawing your money.


There are people who like gambling at a real land-based casino and enjoying drinks and laughs with their friends, those who only play at SL online casinos with a license from their country of residence, but a huge majority of casino players goes for the third option and registers with an online casino which has a foreign issues license. This is the case in Slovenia as well and despite Slovenia having a population of only 2 million, they have a lot of online casino players who choose to play at internet casinos with an international license for their great bonus offers, quick transaction times as well as smoother gambling experience in general than with the locally licensed online casinos.