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Who can participate

The Executive Training Programme targets both EU executives and companies with a clear readiness to do business with Japan or Korea. You can apply for the ETP if you and your company fulfil the criteria listed below.

Minimum requirements for EU executives

  • Be a citizen of one of the Member States of the European Union
  • Be employed by a sponsoring company since at least 1 year
  • Demonstrate an excellent command of English
  • Have not previously participated in the ETP
  • Either have (a) a university degree of B.A. level + 3 years of professional experience as an executive or (b) 2 years of higher education + 5 years of professional experience as an executive

Minimum requirements for EU companies

  • Either (a) have exports or investments in Japan or Korea or (b) have plans to develop exports or investments in one of the countries or (c) provide support to European companies in developing exports or investments to Japan or Korea
  • Be EU-based/owned, have the global headquarters located in the EU, have a European identity and produce goods or services of EU origin
  • Employ a minimum of 5 people and have an annual turnover of € 500.000 or more
  • Be committed to contributing towards a part of the living expenses of the participant throughout the programme
  • Be committed to maintaining the employment link with the participant for the duration of the programme

If you are interested and fulfil the above requirements, you can apply now
If you need more information, contact us

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